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This is a hidden page for the directors of Levine Chapels. The form below is solely for scheduling live streams for Levine Chapels with a few notes on some newer features. As always, please feel free to reach out with ANY questions, thoughts and ideas. Please call or text at 781-686-5293 regarding my availability prior to submitting details form below.

Network Bonding: Our Network Bonding has been working very well and is ideal for remote locations like cemeteries. This allows us to use all 3 of our cellular hot-spots, combined, to provide enough bandwidth for streaming.

Outdoor Microphone and Speaker: For outdoor cemetery services we can bring a microphone on a stand and a battery powered speaker. I will post a pic soon, the speaker would be placed on the ground just in front of mic stand. If you don't need the speaker but still would like good audio for the stream, we can setup the microphone and stand only and this will go just to the camera.

Indoor Microphone: For indoor services with existing sound system, we place a microphone on the lectern or place in front of a speaker.

Dedicated Link & Page: By default, all streams for Levine Chapels will have their own dedicated page. Typically using the name of the service but you may choose that word in the form below. This should eliminate the need to use a password however we can still add a password and you can choose this option in form below.

Chat: Chat is now available on dedicated pages. I am personally not a big fan for funeral services because as a one man operation, I cant live stream and moderate the chat. Any chat utilized would be non-moderated. Using chat with a password protected stream is recommended but still comes with an inherent risk of an "unintended yet imprudent" comment.

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